Five great action games for Android and iOS

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November 24, 2012

So you have an iPhone, but you decided to purchase an Android as well because you like both. If that’s the case we would like to show you what can be purchased in both iTunes and Google Play stores so you can experience those games on both devices. Fasten your seat belts because we are starting with a fast one.


When the first GTA came out (If I remember well that was something like 10 years ago) I was so in love with it. It was the first game I actually couldn’t start playing, and the more you played the better it was. Now, 10 years later I have a chance to open a completely new chapter in this 10 years love relation between this game and me. I am going to play it on my Android and iPad. And if this is not enough, Rockstars announced last month that they will be launching their anniversary (10 years) edition GTA:Vice City for both Android and iOS devices. Bring it on!  


If I wasn’t that much in love with the GTA I would easily place NOVA 3 at the top of the list. But, since you never forget your first kiss, all you NOVA admirers please accept my apologies. Anyway, NOVA 3 is the kind of game that action games should look like. Great graphics, great story and very easy to play… the more you play the better it is. You will hardly get bored and …did I mention the graphics? I think I did but here it come again-AWESOME graphics and ultimate gaming experience. You got to have this one my dear gamer.

Contract Killer 2

The first game which is stunning and this one is currently very popular so it has to be on this list. Even though we don’t like the fact that you need to spend a lot of Bucks to get somewhere in this game, we think this is a great action filled with melee and sniper kills. So, if sniping high profile targets is your favorite past time you should get this one. How about knife fight?  Yes please, I need some melee fights, I am on the edge today and I need to channel all this negative energy. If you feel the same way- click the download button. It is free, but as we said there will be some heavy purchasing needed in order to complete some levels.

4. BATMAN-The Dark Knight Rises

If you loved the movie you’re going to love the game as well. If you didn’t check the movie never mind, you will love the game anyway. Gameloft really knows how to make an interesting game with nice graphics. Game comes with a price tag ($6.99) but there is not much expensive in-app purchases which makes this one a good buy. You will experience the side of Batman you can’t see in the movie, you will see how the city looks like from his point of view and you will have some basic and not that easy tasks to accomplish.


Shadowgun is my favorite sci-fi-mutant-slashing-3rd-person shooter of all times. It is packed with the action and the enemies just keep piling up in front of you. You’re in the boots of an infamous bounty hunter John Slade and his task is to conquer the army of the mutants created by a Dr. Edgar Simon. The ultimate goal is to hunt down the Dr. the game is dark and it is not for a faint-hearted. You will have a lot of different weapons to collect throughout the game and even some puzzles to solve. But the point of this game is to kill the mutants and to kill them all.

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