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10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Productivity in Web Designers

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October 22, 2011

One of the biggest problems freelance web designers face is the ability to get organized and stay on track. Clients want their mockups and sites finished within a specific time period, and balancing several clients and still keeping your sanity can be a difficult task. Thankfully, this is where your iPhone can come in to save the day, with its many productivity saving apps available. Check out these top ten to get yourself back on track in your work.  

1. DropboxDropbox is a must for any professional who uses the Internet to send and receive files. Instead of keeping track of versions through email, you can set up Dropbox with specific clients and have them upload files you need to see to a folder on their desktop that is then instantly synced with yours. It will make contact between yourself and your clients that much easier, and it’ll help you stay on top of your own documents, such as instant access to invoices even while on the go. 

2. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a great task manager that also has a Mac counterpart that syncs with the app, so you can quickly add tasks to specific lists to stay on top of everything that needs to be done. If a client requests a specific upgrade you can toss the information in OmniFocus to be reminded again when you’re working on that project instead of having to dig through your email and find it. Location based tasks are also possible, so you can set up a grocery list that will only become active once you’re at the store.

3. Evernote

Ever had a stroke of genius while you’re not in front of your computer and lost the napkin you jotted your notes down on? If so, Evernote feels your pain and offers you a solution. It is the ultimate note-taking software that allows you to create text, voice, or picture notes so you always remember that brilliant idea you had. Chances are you’ll have your phone with you, so start using it to record those strokes of genius.

4. Due

Due is a simple reminder app that makes it easy for you to remember when things should happen. You only need to enter the due date and time and the app will take care of the rest in a stunningly beautiful interface for reminders. If you’ve ever forgotten about a small project you promised to work on, then Due is for you.

5. Skype

Interfacing with clients is one of the most important aspects of your job and with clients across the world, keeping up with them can be hard on your phone bill. You can save yourself some dough by making yourself available on Skype, a program that is used by 663 million people across the globe. Chances are if your client uses the Internet in any capacity, they also use Skype.

6. FlightBoard

If you move around a lot and want to keep track of where planes are arriving and departing, there is no better app to use than FlightBoard. It tracks thousands of airports around the world accurately.

7. Mint

Managing your finances as a free lance web designer can be hard since you likely have separate accounts for your business and your personal finances. Thankfully Mint can support both and you can get an overview of your business accounts and personal accounts with the touch of a few buttons inside the app. Major credit cards, banks, and even services like PayPal are supported.

8. Ego

Checking your website statistics can help you determine how well your recent advertising campaigns have been going. Ego is a real-time statistics monitor that helps you determine how your clients are finding you so you can increase your advertising budget and hopefully rack in more clients.

9. FTP on the Go

If you manage a client’s website for them, you know how important FTP access can be for you, no matter where you are. This simple application gives you quick FTP access to any server you have credentials for, so you can solve problems no matter where you are.

10. CliqCliq Colors

Finding the exact color you need to show a client is made easy with this app, so you can instantly debate the merits of many shaves of blue and help your client find the right one, all from your iPhone.

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