5 Tips for Creating Killer Landing Pages

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July 14, 2011

Creating killer landing pages can pay you back in big dividends. Your landing page, or the page users are directed to after they make that first click in the search results, should be captivating and offer a clear and concise actionable message. This may sound easy in theory, but landing page design is slightly more complex than this simple goal. Here are five tips to take to heart when building your landing pages.
Tip One: Make sure that your landing page addresses a strong keyword.
Before building your page, do your keyword research and focus on one word or phrase that this page addresses. There are plenty of free tools on the web to help you complete your keyword research. If you are not good at it, then consider outsourcing your keyword research. Once you have established a list of important keywords or phrases for your business, focus your landing page on a keyword or phrase that best suits the product or service.

Tip Two: Create an engaging design.
Words are important but not always enough in today’s high-tech consumer world. The page has to be visually appealing in order to captivate your audience for more than 5 seconds. If it appears dull, cluttered or visually unappealing, then your visitors will bolt for the back button, or the next page. If you are not talented or experienced with design then it may be wise to hire someone or outsource the design to someone skilled in conversion optimization.

Tip Three: The opt-in box should be above the fold.
The purpose of this page is to get opt ins. You want people to give you their email address so that you can add them to your promotional email list. If it’s below the fold, or if they have to scroll down a few pages, you are doomed. It has to be near the top, so when they visit, it is right there in front of their eyes.

Tip Four: You need a clear call to action.
You want to drive the visitor towards a particular action, whether it be buying the product right away or simply entering information for an inquiry. Ask them to take that step forward. Tell them what to do. If you want them to put in their email, then ask them to do that. If you want them to visit another page, then ask them to do that. Better yet, just tell them to do it.

Tip Five: You need engaging sales copy.
Even though you might have the copy completed and it reads well, you want it to appeal emotionally to the reader. That means the copy has to be good sales copy. Put in specifics to bring life to your promises.

Once you have implemented these tips, you’ll see conversion rates increase. And that means more buyers and people taking actionable steps. Killer landing pages don’t happen just by accident. They are carefully planned and executed. With each page, the marketer measures the results, and compares them with each other.

So this week, try your hand at building your first killer page. Get a free template online, or purchase one. You’ll have fun and be amazed with the results.

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