A wiki on Gamification

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December 4, 2010

You start getting bored after doing the same thing repeatedly for a long time. Same thing with online applications; unless applications are made more interactive and interesting, they get worn out very soon. Take an example of the badges in Foursquare; it wouldn’t have been too addictive if there hadn’t been an implementation of Game dynamics on it. Gamification adds a new scope to applications with a game-like approach to things that typically aren’t considered a game. Gamification wiki aims at cataloging all sorts of information on Gamification.

As Gamification says, it is actually a Wiki that was born so that everyone from game designers to technologists could contribute ideas about how to Gamify Education. Gamification had a wiki page on Wikipedia that was removed later because it seemed like an advertisement. Gamification wants things to be open sourced and wants to push the concept of gamifying to a further level up.

You can login to Gamification wiki with your Facebook account or you can also create a new account on Gamification. You can then start contributing to Gamification.

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