ABBYY Card Reader on Android: Scanning Business Cards with Your Phone

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December 11, 2011

Those who attend business meetings normally exchange many business cards and by the end of the month, you will certainly have many of these cards. Retrieving important information from them such business cards and saving then on your phone is normally a tedious task. However, you can digitize these business cards and save the necessary information in your phone book. This makes it pretty easier to access the  information you need  quickly. ABBYY, a company dealing  with  linguistic and  business recognition technologies have  released  a  new business card reader which enables the  readers  capture  data  from business cards  and  automatically save them on   their  phone  books.

Those people who have in the past considered purchasing a dedicated scanner for this task can now enjoy something better. Some cards can’t just be thrown into trash bins since they carry very important business information. They have phone and other crucial contacts which you may need to push your business to the next level.

So how  on earth  do you import  all those  contacts  from business cards to your  phone book  address?ABBYY business card reader on  android comes  with intelligent features  that  scans, detects  and records  phone telephone  numbers and  information  that is on text formats. It can also scan graphics hence making it one of the best phone scanners you can have.

There are two versions of the application. The first one is offered free of charge and allows you to scan for contacts from business cards and other places such as networks. But there is  a limitation  with it  since it  allows you  have the first two names  and  the  first  telephone number that  emerges from the  search.

The second  version  is charged  at  $9.99  and offers  more  features  than  the free version. It  offers the  opportunity to capture data, preview it on your phone’s display  and  also search for more information of needed from Facebook. When you  upgrade to the full version, all the  information that  is obtained from your search is transferred to the  phone book  and  saved for later reference.

ABBYY card reader is available through the Google Android market. Among the languages supported by the interface include French, English, Russian, Spanish and many others. This makes it  a  good  software for users speaking  different languages  since  there are  no restrictions  on the  recording language. The product is mainly targeted at corporate customers who need a large number of contacts for their daily use in business. ABBYY business card reader is an  excellent piece  for those people  business  executives  and  commercial organizations who  deal   with  a lot of paper work  and  who  would like to have their business processes  streamlined.

Since  the  lite  version-which  is free is  available ,nothing  can be an obstacle to anyone  who  would like to use it. However, the advanced version which is not all that expensive offers real value for money. The business card reader is supported by major smartphones which include the Apple iOS and the Symbian. Any time you have a business card from a business or social contact. You can scan it right   away and save the important details on your cell phone.

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