Adding Annotations to Youtube videos now made easier

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January 30, 2009

Youtube’s annotations feature lets you add interactive text balloons and do much more with your video. The annotations feature in Youtube has been improved now.

Youtube’s annotations actually display small text balloons where you can enter text or links to other youtube videos. Now you can now add annotations to your videos in Youtube without going to the video editor. When you are logged in as the video owner, you can directly add annotations while watching the Youtube videos that you have uploaded. As you click on a video, you’ll see a message that will ask you if you’d like to add annotations. You can also control the time for which the Youtube video annotation should appear. And you can easily switch from one to another without having to watch the full video. If you want to add custom annotations and speech bubbles for storing in your computer, you’ll have to download the Youtube video and then add annotations via standalone desktop software.

So, with this new feature for adding annotations to Youtube videos, easily add background information, stories and links to your other youtube videos much easily than before.

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