Apple – Do they have the knack for events management?

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October 27, 2012

No sooner had the wave of hype from Apple’s iPhone 5 died down, than the creative masterminds at the famous firm suddenly put forward their latest invite. While we all expect the event to be the latest round of high tech offerings from Apple, whose headquarters are in Cupertino, California, they still manage to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue.
We no longer crowd the television to watch monumental moments like moon landings or the fall of the Berlin wall. Instead we follow blogs or tune in to live streams in order to witness what could well be the latest technological revolution. While Apple’s own creative aura may account for some of this, they do have a fantastic knack for event management, in order to get hearts pumping about their latest gadgets.

Apple’s first masterstroke tends to be the invites themselves. They tend not to be a ‘come one, come all’ invite. Instead individuals are hand-selected; instantly inflating their respective egos and building that first bridge between brand and consumer, or in this case, influencer. It’s a brilliant tip to take on board – win over the movers and shakers, and the rest will follow.

Next is their very precise level of secrecy. Well, the kind of secret that lets everybody know there is a secret, without actually giving it away. Apple plays to our own human needs to know exactly what’s going on, when we know we shouldn’t. Ever heard the phrase ‘you can have too much of a good thing’? Apple proves that rule perfectly with its special brand of events management.

Recently Apple has gone one step further, asking guests to restrain from using social media to broadcast any knowledge before it deems it necessary. While this might actually be a smart move on Apple’s part, it’s not a move recommended for everyone. In fact, chances are you want the world and his wife to shout about how great your event is, and connect with as many different people as possible. Branching out into the social side is one of the smartest moves you can make. In fact, it’s very important when looking for a management company to run your event.

The winning blow itself actually comes from the immediate hands-on that the guests get to enjoy. Playing with the new range of top-spec toys before anyone else comes packaged with a very unique feeling of privilege. Not only does it increase engagement with the brand or product, making it more memorable, but it creates a personal bond with each guest. They instantly feel more positively toward the brand and are, therefore, more likely to choose or recommend whatever is being offered.

After all that, you still have to make good on the promise of your service. Apple learned quickly that as short a turnaround time as possible is best when launching their latest product or service – often releasing new models within days. The event itself is both hook and bait, so getting it right gives you a great boost for the final stage.

‘Give the people what they want’ has never held truer in this situation. If you deliver the service you say you can provide, you’re sure to have a very solid relationship with your customer.

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