Average webpage size increased five folds since 2003

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September 9, 2010

If we look at the history of Internet, the average size of a web page has increased by more than five times since 2003. The average size of a webpage used to be about 93.7 KB in 2003 while now it is about 507 KB. Doing the maths, we get around 5.4 times increment in the size of a webpage. When the data as of now was evaluated with that of 1995, a whopping 35 times increment in size was seen for a single web page. This is just about size. The web components have tremendously increased in the recent years and since 2003, the average number of objects per page has more than doubled.

webpage size increase Due to the increase in size of webpages and the increase in use of external objects, users who are still on lower speed connections are suffering a slack in loading time. But for the broadband users, the average download time has decreased to 2.33 seconds from 2.8 seconds. The average number of HTML elements per page has also doubled from 281 to 592.6 elements per page.

average number of objects gorwth The most popular websites have also grown in size. The thousand most popular websites grew by from 250KB to 310 KB within an ear during 2006-2007, that is, from 250K to 310.4K. This amounts to nearly 24% increment.

The pages using javascript as of 2007 was 84.8% and the size of the external script was 8845 bytes and 6302 bytes uncompressed and compressed respectively. And the average number of scripts per page was 7. During the same period 82.4% used the link tag for styling while 54.5% used style tag. The average size of a stylesheet or CSS was 15175 bytes and 10347 bytes uncompressed and compressed respectively.

average response time of web pages increase A study on the author revealed changes conducted in 2007 suggested that despite the popularity of CSS among designers, 68% webpages still use tables and 32.8% use font tags for styling layouts.

But nothing can beat, the speedy increase in the use of multimedia on sites, regarding the growth size of the web pages . The use of multiemedia is growing by 100% each year. From 2000 to 2005, it increased by 600%.

(Source: WebsiteOptimization)

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