Wireless fidelity – Tips on how to make the best use of it

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June 21, 2011

With the increasing evolution of technology now you can access the world of web through your mobile phones, laptops or iPads no matter where you are. This is because of the advent of wireless technology. Wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi is the technology that enables you to plug in Internet without any wires at any possible location such as shopping mall, airport, library, café and so on. The area inside which you can access the Internet with Wi-Fi is known as a Hotspot. Wireless technology has a number of benefits too. They are user-friendly, inexpensive and unobtrusive, that is, it is inconspicuous even when present. You can install Wi-Fi network in your home or your office in order to transmit information over the air without any wires.

However, when you are using wireless technology you have to take care of security. If you neglect the security aspect of wireless technology then your data can be infected by malicious viruses such as Trojan viruses. You can follow these simple tips to keep your data safe and reap the benefit of wireless fidelity.

  • Change your network or administrator passwords regularly – Whether you are using a home network or an office network you should change your user name and the administrator password quite often to secure your data.
  • Change all the SSID after sometime – All the networks and routers use access points which have a common name known as SSID. The SSID is designed by the manufacturer for all the individual equipment. You can change your default SSID through configuration rights in order to keep the communication safe.
  • SSID broadcast restriction – If you block the broadcasting by SSID, it can ensure the security of your wireless network.
  • Use encryption technology – All the Wi-Fi setups can support at least one type of encryption technique which randomly hides or encrypts all the messages that are sent via wireless networks. You should however choose the strongest encryption program in order to keep your data safest.
  • MAC addresses Filtering – When you are using a wireless network you have an option to filter all the MAC addresses in order to ensure the safety of your network.

Apart from following the above security tips you should enable the firewall on each of your device attached to the wireless network connection and when you are done working turn off network properly. These will help you to ensure the safety of your data to a large extent.

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