Best Ways to Track Your Traffic

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July 21, 2012

Tracking your website traffic is very important, but it can be difficult to do without an analytical program. Some people rely on the number of comments their posts receive to judge traffic, but there are many popular posts that just receive one or two comments. Other people check their server for the number of hits. This doesn’t work because a hit is registered whenever someone downloads an image, style sheet, text or anything else. It’s common for one visitor to register over 100 hits. If you want clear results, then you need to use one of these analytical programs.

Google Analytics

Google itself sponsors the Google Analytics program, and this is easily one of the most popular analytical programs online. This software will track the number of visitors you receive on a daily basis, and it will record a lot of other useful information. This program will help you determine your demographic by showing you what type of people access your website, and it will show you where most of your traffic is coming from.

Most successful websites use this program, and you should definitely consider it if you want to accurately track your website visitors.


Quantcast is very similar to Google Analytics. You can receive detailed demographic information, and Quantcast can also show you an accurate number of visitors based on the date. The demographic information tends to be more detailed here, and you don’t need to install this program to make it work. You can go to their website right now to see the amount of traffic you get. If you want even more detailed results, then you can install their code on your website.


PopUri is a website that combines the factors and information mined from many other analytical websites. You can find your Alexa ranking, Quantcast information and Google PageRank all at once. Your traffic can be found in the Quantcast sector of your analytical report. This website is powerful because you can easily mine a lot of information without having to visit several different websites.

Marketing Grader

This is an analytical program made by Hubspot, and it gives you a very detailed report about your marketing. There is one small section on the marketing report that details the number of visitors you get per month, but the real power behind this report is its meticulous detail. This covers many different factors that can help you rank higher and get more visitors. Implement some of the suggestions here to improve your traffic.


The majority of analytical programs don’t look that aesthetically pleasing. They give you all the information you need, but it can sometimes be difficult to look at the graphs without cringing. Woopra is a service that allows you to track your number of visitors, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing at the same time. If you want to use a service that actually looks good, then try out Woopra. This website doesn’t skimp on the details, as you will get a very detailed report about your traffic and other statistics when you use Woopra.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg shows your traffic and other common marketing statistics, but it does something that all of the other websites here cannot do. It can generate a heat map for your website. This is a map that shows where people click on your website. You can use this to rearrange elements so that they get the best clicks. While this may not improve your traffic, it should improve your sales and conversions. You need to pay for this service, but it does give you professional results that can help your website marketing.


Tracking the number of website visitors you get is very important, and there are many programs and online services that can help with this. All of the services listed here are among the best. They provide useful analytical information that will help you gain more traffic, and you can make more money from your website if you improve it based on the reports that these services generate. Try all of the services to see which one is best for your website, and use the information to better your website for more traffic.

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