Cinemagraphs – Cool animated GIFs

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April 25, 2011

Animated GIFs are less preferred for websites because of the charms of Flash. We all have seen animated logos, cartoons and other stuff as animated GIFs on the web. But two talented people, photographer Jamie Beck and Motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have taken an approach to take the animated GIFs to a whole new level. They together have produced stunning GIF images that they call cinemagraphs.

Jamie and Kevin’s sets of cinemagraphs have more proclivity towards fine arts and photography with a subtle touch of animation. They are more of a photo and very less of a video but still have a very stunning look to them. A slight stroke of motion gives them a unique charm. Here take a look at some. You can watch more of their cinemagraphs here.

The duo created the cinemagraphs for the New York Fashion Week that took place last February. Beck shoots the images and Burg applies the motion effects. They say that they had to work closely together to obtain the results and some images took them hours on end to create.

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