Delete weird Youtube comments

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January 26, 2009

If a video gets fairly popular in Youtube, it is sure to receive a number of comments from the viewers. But while reading comments, you might have noticed some really silly comments. Sometimes you may regret after making a comment which you later think you shouldn’t have made and wish to delete it. Youtube now lets you delete the comments you make in just a snap.

delete youtube comment You will notice a new button added in the “Text Comments” section called Remove. Clicking on it will delete your Youtube comment. You can also delete your comment on Youtube later on, i.e. you need not be in the same session.

You’ll notice one another thing too. If you mistakenly delete a comment which you later regret to have deleted, don’t panic. Youtube has also added an “Undelete” option which lets you retrieve the deleted Youtube comment.

So, with this new feature, you’ll have the freedom of deleting Youtube comments made by you. However it would be wise to think twice before commenting rather than having to delete it.

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