Destroy text or ads on a page with these bookmarklets

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July 9, 2011

Bookmarklets make our lives easy as things can be accomplished a lot quicker and easily with bookmarklets. For example, you get bookmarklets for sharing any website over your favorite social networks, or shorten URLs on the fly. Bookmarklets are basically javascript codes that let you do things with single button clicks which would have otherwise taken you longer. Sometimes we come across some cool bookmarklets that are meant just for fun. Here are some bookmarklets that will destroy the text on any webpage in cool ways. You can also use these bookmarklets to destroy annoying ads on a site.

Asteroids Bookmarklet: Drag this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar of your browser. After dragging, open any webpage and click on the Asteroids bookmarklet and you’ll see asteroids raining on the page. Now you’ll see a small rocket icon as well. Use the arrow button to move the rocket and destroy the text on the page. Source: Github

Katamari Bookmarklet: Drag this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar of your browser to start using it. Now visit any page whose text you want to play with. Now click on the Katamari bookmarklet and you’ll see a box with settings for it. You can change the settings to control the ball. Click on the Start button and you’ll see a ball. Drag it around by holding your right mouse button which is the control for the ball by default and you’ll see that the texts on the page will start to attach with the ball, wherever it rolls. You can roll over the ball generated by Katamari Bookmarklet to destroy annoying ads on a page. Source: Kathack

Nyan Cat Bookmarklet: Drag the Nyan Cat Bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar to start using it. Click on the bookmarklet on any page and use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move it around. You will see that the text will get destroyed wherever the Nyan Cat moves. Or move the Nyan Cat bookmarklet over the annoying popups and ads to remove them. Source: Nyan

Axe Bookmarklet: You can start using the Axe Spray Bookmarklet by dragging the Axe Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Now click on the bookmarklet and you’ll see an axe spray bottle. Use your mouse to move the bottle around any webpage and click to spray. You’ll see that the text disappears wherever you spray using the Axe Can. You can spray over at different sections of a webpage using this bookmarklet to remove ads on the page as well. Source: Axe

Try out these fun bookmarklets to play around with the text on any webpage.

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