Disqus now enables tagging in comments

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May 6, 2011

Popular blog commenting system Disqus is used by a large number of blogs and avid commentators are pretty much familiar with Disqus. Disqus now adds a feature that lets people use “@” mentions in the comments like in Twitter and Facebook. You can tag  any user with their Twitter or Disqus username using the “@” symbol followed by the username or any person who has commented on the same post.

With the introduction of this feature, Disqus now makes it easy to interact with different people commenting on the same post. To tag people in your comments, type “@” and begin typing the name of the person you’d like to add to the conversation and you’ll instantly see a dropdown being populated with the suggested names. You can get suggestions for the names of people taking part in the same conversation. You can also tag people who aren’t involved in the conversation by tagging them with their Twitter or Disqus Username.

If you tag people who aren’t on the same thread using their Disqus or Twitter usernames, they will get notified about it. Disqus users get notified through emails while Twitter users get an “@” mention from Disqus’ Spiffy Twitter bot. With the addition of @ mentions feature, Disqus has made it easy to interact better with people in a comment thread.

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    Tagging is so cool. I just don’t like the news about disqus selling users’ data. 

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    I think your comments are stored on Disqus’ servers, you don’t have much of a guarantee that they won’t just shut down operations and all your comments will be lost.

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