Facebook gets a timeline feature – Will it be hailed or rejected

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January 5, 2012

Facebook has recently rolled out its Timeline feature. The timeline feature makes users’ entire history accessible with a single click. Before the site launched this featured, many of the things users shared would get buried in archives within a few days. Facebook is the only social media site, which has more than 800 million users. Now for the first time the users will be able to see the traces of all of their activities on Facebook.

In a nutshell, this new feature will dig out a lot of old memories and many of them will be hard to ignore. Although people do not realize this but almost all of us are no longer people we used to be. All of us have changed and grown in our own ways but now with this Facebook’s feature, all of our old memories will be refreshed and this will be hard for many individuals who simply do not want to recall their past.  According to a Harvard professor, who is currently studying the effects of internet on society, there is no act too small to record on your permanent record.

The new Timeline feature creates a scrapbook like image where photos, links and updates for each month and year (since the sign up) are assembled and can be viewed by a single click. When Mark Zuckerberg introduced Timeline in a conference, he described it as a new way to get comprehensive and detailed portrait of someone without checking updates or profile pictures. The Timeline feature is next step and it will help tell more about story of your life.

According to Facebook, users can either wait to receive their timelines or get it themselves by going to their timeline page and activating the feature themselves. Eventually, all profiles will get this feature.  Timeline will also have privacy settings for users and so they will be able to hide certain things from public, friends or both. This option really offers a sigh of relief to many as they were afraid that people will dig up their past lives.

The new Timeline feature has received mixed reviews by Facebook users and critics. Some are of the view that the Timeline feature is not a good step as it will dig up the lost memories, which many users do not want to remember. While some critics are of the view that this revamped profile feature is just another step in technology wars between social networking sites and the Timeline feature will help Facebook to entice more advertisers. The general response to this feature has been positive as many found it ‘exciting’.

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