Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me has started working again

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September 10, 2010

Many of you must have known of Facebook’s URL shortener http://fb.me launhed in December last year. You could open up a Facebook profile by simply visiting the URL http://fb.me/username. But after a few months the service went ashtray and started showing error pages. But now, Facebook filled the holes and now the Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me is working.

However just fb.me used to open up the facebook homepage even during its breakdown for profile pages. But now, Facebook has fixed it . If you wish to open Mashable’s facebook, just go to http://fb.me/mashable. Only some days ago, opening this URL used to throw an error page. But even now, for the long URLs of certain facebook pages with usernames yet to be set up, the fb.me trick doesn’t work.

Fb.me can also be used to shorten any URL just like bit.ly or is.gd does. But it isn’t easy. You’ll have to do it via Facebook’s Twitter application. If you link up any of your Facebook pages with your twitter account, your update on the page will be automatically posted to Twitter and the URL if shared is shortened via fb.me.

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  • Norman

    As an alternative you can get free short URLS for your Facebook pages, groups, profiles and apps from http://www.fbfollow.me

    You can have addresses like:

  • Anonymous

    looks good. But aren’t they going to be longer than facebook’s native url

  • Norman

    Yeah, good point. They’ve just added another domain name – fb2.me which mean’s it would be the same length as the fb one but without the slashes. I suppose the benefits of fbFollow.Me are that it can point to groups, apps, profiles as well as pages, and you can change it easily. Also, it will show up in Google searches e.g. if you google “fbfollow.me” you can see that google thinks the Facebook pages they point to are individual websites.

  • Anonymous

    But the landing pages would be the same still, so google will eventually
    know that they are pages on Facebook. fb2.me looks short and more usable.

  • Vince Anthony Real

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