Facial recognition technology now comes to Facebook

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March 24, 2009

facebook image recognition Many of us have started using the facial recognition technology offered by iPhoto or Google Picasa to search people. But how would it be to look for your friends’ photos using the Facial Recognition technology? Sounds cool? Face.com is bringing this technology to facebook via a new application called the Photo Finder. Not only you’ll be able to look for your friends’ photos in your network but also look for them in other networks where you’ll get suggestions for tagging them as well.

This is currently being released as an alpha version. Face.com has started inviting people for their alpha version. It says that 1000 people will be tested first and it will release more invites in the future.

The facial recognition technology uses advanced algorithm to scan the faces and it can scan a lot of faces in a quick time but can seem rather longer to the user as there can be thousands of photos to scan. Facebook’s Photo Finder application can save the search results of facial recognition for future use. Once a photo is scanned, its data is saved and it won’t be rescanned. So, as the application gets popular and more widespread among Facebook users, the search functionality will surely be much faster.

Just add the photo finder application to your profile as you’d do for any other application. Then the Photo Finder application will start scanning all of your photos via its face recognition algorithm. The search process won’t run on the client side, so you can close the page, leave the page or just quit Facebook if you like and Photo Finder will will scan through all of your photos until the process is completed.

After the Photo recognition process gets completed, you can review your results to see your photos or your friends photos. The application auto-tags the photos that haven’t been tagged. But you can confirm the match or remove auto-tagging by clicking the red “X” mark. But don’t worry, this application won’t alter the original tagging of Facebook. The tags applied by the application are stored as separate metadata. The application also saves a Face gallery of people with just their faces cut out clean.

The Facial Recognition technology of of this application looks great on Facebook and the results are good for an alpha version. The Face.com team claims 90% accuracy. You can also remove or opt out of it if you don’t feel like using it later. So, lets hope that more invites will be released very soon for Photo Finder.

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