Four Rules You Must Follow To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

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June 19, 2011

Internet is obviously becoming a part of our individual lives and getting fulfilled in all rounds requires that we be satisfied in every aspect that touches our life which can’t be if the aspect of our life that involves the internet is not fulfilled. Getting fulfilled in the aspect of our life that touches the internet means we must be connected to the internet through a reliable and trustworthy source like Mega Path’s DS3 broadband internet.

If your internet connection does not make you feel very happy it means there is something wrong somewhere. Your internet connection service should not be affected by anything. If your internet connection becomes affected in anyway, there are solutions to it or some rules that can help you maintain a constant speed when using your internet connection.

But before we continue you might want to know who these four rules apply to? Well, they might not apply to everybody using an internet connection. These four rules only apply to anyone that wants his internet connection to perform well.

Always clear saved data (Cookies and caches)

As you browse the web your web browser stores temporary files gathered from each websites you visit and these files are downloaded and are stored on your computer’s hard disk. It is necessary that you clear your cache frequently because these files are repeatedly downloaded on your hard disk each time you visit the website and this can affect the steady connection of your internet connection. To do this, press “ctrl+shift+del” and the following window will appear, select clear everything from the drop box and click clear now.

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Frequently scan your system for viruses and spywares

Viruses are everywhere over the internet and no one can guarantee you that your computer is 100% free from virus. Once there is virus in your computer the performance of your computer will slowdown and this will also cause your internet connection to slowdown. Aside that, viruses and spywares will have to get across to the internet to perform some specific tasks like sending your private data to the programmer and this will drastically reduce the connection speed of your internet connection. Running a virus scan on your system frequently will save you from experiencing drop back in your internet connection.

Don’t exceed your internet connection limit

It is very important that you know the limit of your internet connection. Some people go to the extent of loading as much as fifty tabs on a particular browser at once while they are also downloading at the same time. When you exceed the given limit of your internet connection you are going to experience drag down in the performance of your internet connection.

Keep in touch with your ISP

It’s always advisable that you keep in touch with your internet service provider. Whenever you experience strange or unusual things with your internet connection, the best resort is your internet service provider. Your internet service provider will be able to help you solve difficult problem and render technical supports to you when needed.

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