Get alerts for Specific phrases

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May 5, 2009

Suppose that the author of your favorite blog had promised to write about a topic of your interest but he hasn’t been writing any new posts from many weeks. You can’t go on checking his website everyday. But SparkTooth can monitor any web page for a certain keyword and then notify you as soon as it is available on the website.

SparkTooth sends you an email alert as soon as they find the the keyword that you’re looking for on a certain website. You’ll need to enter the keyword, the address or URL of the website that you want to find the keyword in, and your email address to send you the notification. SparkTooth checks the site every ten minutes and when the keyword is found, you’ll be sent a notification email. As soon as you are sent the notification, your email address will be deleted from their system. And while they search a site, they just search on the particular web page, not the whole site. You won’t need to register to use the site.

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