Get notified when your LinkedIn contact changes job

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July 8, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to know when any of your friend changes their job. LinkedIn is used more for professional purposes like work and job updates than other social networks. A new service called Job Change Notifier has been introduced that lets you receive notifications whenever any of your contacts on LinkedIn changes a job.

Job Change Notifier is a job notifier application for LinkedIn lets you track the people in your circles and the ones who share similar interests. The application can be helpful for businesses as it helps them to keep track of their allies if they are promoted to a new role.  Job Change Notifier uses LinkedIn’s API but is in no way a product by LinkedIn itself.

You just need to Login to LinkedIn and author Job Change Notifier to start using it. You then need to enter your email address and select the connections you want to track. You will then start receiving notifications from Job Change Notifier in your email.

Currently, notifications are available only via email. But the creator of Job Change Notifier may add other channels for notifications if the traffic increases. Job Change Notifier can be really handy for startups and other professionals.

As such, the service allows users to keep tabs on “persons of interest”, be they startup founders, executives, to find out when they resign, get poached, or are acui-hired. The service will also likely be useful to business-to-business startups and companies that sell their products to other businesses, as it allows them to discover when their allies are promoted or move into decision-making roles, for example. It’s also an easy way to stay up to date on your professional network and congratulate your friends and contacts for snatching up that job that you had your eyes on.

Lee used LinkedIn’s API to build the site, but is not affiliated with LinkedIn in any way, though he says that he has been contacted by LinkedIn employees, who have expressed interest in the site.

Of course, not everyone updates their LinkedIn profiles immediately following a job change, especially for those who have been let go, and there’s generally some lag time between a job change and its corresponding update on LinkedIn, but it’s still the fastest way to find out about your contacts’ career moves.

Using the site is easy, and set up is quick: Users simply enter their email addresses to receive alerts, choose which LinkedIn connections they want to track, and bada bing, bada boom, you’re ready to track.

Though Job Change Notifier only launched a few days ago, the site is already tracking over 100,000 profiles and continues to add swaths of profiles every day. Though Lee wasn’t able to give me a good breakdown of usage analytics quite yet, he did say that the site has already become popular among startups, sales and biz dev executives, recruiters, and, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn employees.

Lee said that he’s already been asked by LinkedIn if he would be interested in going to work for them, but he’s not ready to bail on PaperG just yet. (We covered PaperG back in August.) So far, notifications are only available via email, but depending on early user feedback and demand, Lee may add further notification channels as traffic increases.

It’s a great tool, and it gives TechCrunch writers another way to keep tabs on all you upwardly mobile professionals out there, so get back to work. Because we’ll be watching.

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