Google changed its favicon

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January 10, 2009

google favicon Google has come up with a new logo, precisely a favicon. Many of you must have noticed that the blue “g” sign that used to appear on your address bar (which is the Google’s favicon) just before the URL of Google, has been replaced by a motley favicon with a white “g” in the foreground and the colors blue green yellow and red as the background. Most of the Google services now have the same favicon.

Actually Google had encouraged users to submit their ideas for the favicon and Google finally came up with this one, inspired by those submissions. Google says in its official blog that this design was inspired by a logo submitted by André Resende, a computer science undergraduate at the University of Campinas in Brazil. The new Google favicon is not exactly the same as submitted by André. His colors in the favicon are a bit dull and the “g” is exactly at the centre. Google has slightly changed the color layout and added a bit of brightness to the colors. Also the “g” has been moved a little to the left side. The same idea of colors was also seen in the logos submitted by Hadi Onur, Demirsoy, Lucian E. Marin, and Yusuf Sevgen (pictured below).

google's new favicon by André Resende
google changed its favicon by Hadi Onur Demirsoy
new logo for google by Lucian E. Marin
google by Yusuf Sevgen

Google seems to be happy with its new favicon which truly stands out and gives a vivid glimpse of all its original criteria. Google though plans to update it again.

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  • Nerdious

    I personally liked the older fav icon better.