Google Friend Connect integrated with Twitter

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December 16, 2008

Twitter is one of the most popular sites today which people use to leave short messages to their friends and followers. On the other hand, Google’s new service Friend Connect lets bloggers to increase interaction among the readers in their blog and turn their blog into a mini social network. If you are a blogger, both of these services can be a boon to you. What’s more amazing is that Friend Connect and Twitter have been synced recently.

So if any website uses Friend Connect, you can use your Twitter’s credentials to log in to it and express your opinion on the site. You can also see which of your friends on Twitter are members of the site.

It was speculated that Twitter would integrate with Facebook but with its integration with Google Friend Connect, Twitter’s assimilation with Facebook will also come hopefully in near future.

Google’s Official Blog says that this integration of Google Friend Connect with Twitter is the example of how they want to continue improving Friend Connect.

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