Google Image Search now highlights the most recent results

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May 7, 2011

Google Image Search is used by millions everyday. With the realtime search and instantly updating Google News search, people now prefer to have the most recent results possible. In light of this, Google Image Search has also started underlining the most recent images. For the most recently uploaded images on the web, you’ll now see an inset that tells the number of days ago, the images were uploaded.

Google Image Search find recent imagesIf you do a search for any trending keyword on Google Image Search, you’ll see a lot of images tagged with the number of days it goes back. But for the images that go back a week or even further, Google Image Search doesn’t show the number of days ago it was published.

Google must have plans to enhance this feature. This is surely a big leap in the Image search scenario and will enable people to easily find the most recent images.

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