Google Profiles added some features

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January 16, 2009

Google Profiles has added a new feature called “Contact info” where you can add details about yourself for your friends to see it. Actually the information that you add is not totally public and you can control the people who see it.

You can add the details like your Email Address, Telephone Number etc. You can then allow all of your contacts all just the selected groups like your family, friends or colleagues to see the information.

You can add as many number of Email Addresses, Telephone number,  Address or Instant messenger. You can also create the contacts, family or coworker group or any other category or group from there. You can edit the information anytime you like. Other options in “About me” and “Photos” section are all the same.

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  • Valuable information on how to maximize the benefits of Google. Thanks for the information. God bless.