Google’s definition command now shows results on the main search page

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May 13, 2011

Google has lots of handy commands that may be a boon to many. Some like inurl:query, intitle:query, ext:filetype etc. are extremely useful and at times can return exactly what we are looking for. One such command on Google Search is the define command that shows you the definitions for your query from different sources like Wikipedia, etc. For “Define:query” search, Google used to show a separate page with just the definitions from different sources. But now the definitions also show up on the main search results.

Google Define searh command now shows results on the homepageDo a search for any word with “define:” preceding it and you’ll have definitions for it. You can find links pointing to the pages on Wikipedia,,, Merriam Webster etc. Clicking on the “More” link will take you to Google dictionary’s search page for the word. Earlier, a search for any word with define command would bring up a simple page with just definitions and the relevant links to find more info on the word.

Google seems to have altogether removed the dictionary functionality for some of its country specific sites. Like on Google Nepal, the define command for a keyword returns no result pertinent to its definition or meaning.

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