How Internet Technology Has Changed Society

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September 14, 2012

Before the invention of the internet, conversations between people were often in local groups and most often, in person or over the phone. Today, the invention and innovation of the internet allows us to fully gain control over the way we communicate, regardless of our location and who we are speaking with. The internet has changed the way we communicate as a whole society, while also opening up various industries and subjects of learning to advance us simultaneously with intelligence.

Communication Benefits

One of the major innovations of internet technology is the communication benefits it offers. When online, users are now able to stream live video casts (or solely audio casts) to talk with loved ones and friends from all around the world–breaking down barriers traditional communication has had in the past. Communicating can be done in video chat, quick text, or even over audio streams and IM programs.

Expanding Businesses With New Tools for Communication and Productivity

Internet technology has provided us as a society additional tools for managing businesses and employees, while also having an easier method of tracking statistics, income, and overall outlooks based on the current markets. There are also additional brainstorming programs and collaboration tools available for start up businesses as well as large corporations who are interested in working together with their teams from home, or even from different offices around the world. There are even virtual whiteboards for quick meetings or a way to translate an idea in a live and real world with colleagues.

Internet Technology and Social Networking

Social networking and the creation of online communities is another innovative step in moving forward with internet technology. Social networking is a way for businesses to quickly expand local and online fan bases to save on marketing and advertising costs. With social networking, it is possible to stay consistent with your website and company’s updates, deals, and new releases that you have available to offer. Utilizing social networking is free of charge, and it is also an effective way of reaching your intended audience on a regular basis (helping to build brand loyalty and recognition).

A New Job Market

With the invention of the internet and all internet technology, there have been great strives to creating new jobs and building an extensive job market for those who are interested. Working with computers, social media, building social networks, or even third-party applications and games are all part of internet technology. Developing IMing systems, working on blogs and building Virtual Worlds are also jobs available with internet technology–allowing you to to work with programming or even with design, depending on preferences and your own skills and experience. Additional jobs that fall within the category of internet technology may refer to web marketing and branding, design, and even strictly working with web graphics and applications for an online presence. Working in the IT field can also include handling computers, programming, and the engineering part as well–giving you a broad spectrum of options to choose from before obtaining a degree that is right for you.

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