How the Internet Endangers Your Kids: 4 Ways to Protect Them

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March 23, 2012

More than anything, the internet can put your kids in great danger, if care is not taken. There have been many personal and true life stories about parents whose kids have suffered a lot after falling victim of internet predating. The dangers on the internet for your kids will never come to an end; it’s you, as a parent, who has to fight it together with your kids.

You might just be wondering if there are any ways to help your kids stay safe on the internet when you might not even have the time to spend with them always. The truth is that, helping your kids stay safe online is not a challenge that requires you to be with them every time. It’s just the little you help them to do when you are available with them that will keep them in the right track. Below are some tips I want to share with you about online parenting.

Teach them to Always Stay Anonymous

Teaching your kids to always stay anonymous whenever they are on the internet is one of the best ways to make sure they are not exposed to internet threats. With your kids’ identity exposed in online chat rooms and social networking sites, strangers can threaten them in order to extort them for exploitative reasons. Teach your children confidence by making them know that with their identities concealed on the internet, there is nothing more a stranger can know about them.

Monitor Their Online Activities

What best way for a parent to stay informed and act on what his/her kids do online than to actually monitor their online activities? You might be saying “this is next to impossible”, but with an internet monitoring program on their system, you have the advantage of viewing all the online activities of your children remotely.

Webwatcher can also help you see every keystroke and snapshot of web pages, so that you know when they’ve been visiting malicious websites or chatting with strangers on the internet.

You might be thinking those types of programs such as Verisign and Webwatcher might be very expensive, but with Webwatcher discount code and Norton 360 coupon, you might not need to worry about maxing out your budget just to get a monitoring program.

Give Them Advices on Using the Internet

According to my research about internet security for kids and online parenting, I’ve found out the hard truth which is the fact that giving your children advice on using the internet is still the best way to save them from the dangers lurking the internet. Many parents find it difficult to teach their children basic things about the internet which will be a guide for them when they are on the internet.

Make Sure There is Antivirus on the System They Use


Antivirus can also go a long way to protect your kids from encountering dangers on the internet. You should prevent your kids from browsing the internet without having an antivirus on the computer they use.

Viruses can transfer data that represent information about the websites, passwords and usernames and other vital details your kids use on the internet to some unknown hackers. And this data, in the wrong hands, can be used against your kids, and you.

Avast, Norton and AVG are well trusted antivirus programs that can help you defend your kids’ computer against virus intrusion.

With the tips I just shared with you in this article, you should be able to help your kids stay safe on the internet.

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