How to like any page on Facebook

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September 7, 2010

Facebook’s like share button form the components of many blogs and sites. With these, its easy to like or share the article you’re reading on Facebook. But still, some sites haven’t opted to integrate the button. Well, its easy to share the link by copying it and pasting on your update box on Facebook. But if you want to like an article where on like button is seen, the update box won’t help. Here’s how you do it.

Kyle Bragger, has created a bookmarklet that will bring up a like button on any website you visit. This Bookmarklet called Like-O-Matic (Drag it to your bookmarks bar to save) is very easy to use. Once its saved to your browser, just click on it to bring up a like button towards the upper left hand of the web page you want to like.

like any page on facebook Another way to like a page is available on this page, from the facebook’s developer’s website. This is a plugin page where you can grab the link for embedding the like button on a site. Paste your desired link below, “URL to like” and you’ll see the like button next to it. This page comes in handy if you need the code for embedding like button, like you embed other widgets on your site.

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    Not run in FF4!