How to Use Google to Supplant Your Marketing Efforts

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December 17, 2011

Starting a new website is an amazing task with plenty to look over and monitor. In addition to the basic website management tasks, you need to do some solid marketing so that you get traffic to your site. There is an incredibly high amount of marketing tools out there, but Google is arguably your best and cheapest one out there. Sometimes, your Google efforts are 100 percent free as well. How can you use Google to market your website?

  1. SEO
    If you don’t know what SEO (search engine optimization) stands for, learn. This is easily your strongest marketing effort when using Google. While there are a variety of techniques to use when doing SEO for your website, they’re all pretty straight-forward. What you’ll want to do is a combination of guest blogging (posting on other blogs of a similar niche), forum commenting (placing your links in the signature of your posts in a forum of your niche), blog commenting (placing your links in the comments section of a blog in your niche) and press release writing. If you do all of these things and post them on the appropriate sites, Google will scoop up your links and increase your site’s ranking, giving you more traffic.
    You’ll also want to fix up your title tags, meta tags and snippets to give your site an even greater chance of being picked up for the keywords you’re targeting.
  2. Google Adwords
    Google offers a variety of services to promote your products and site, but Adwords is their program that is specifically targeted to businesses looking to advertise. In paying Google to host your ads, they’ll be shown on websites as far as the eye can see. Anyone who uses Adsense (which is another Google advertisement program that allows users to post ads on their site) will have the possibility of hosting your ad. Not only will millions of people see your business, they’ll be drawn to it based on Google’s ability to place ads on appropriate websites.
  3. Look For Clients
    You can also use Google to search for clients or additional advertising. There are likely thousands of businesses who may need your services, and they are most likely on Google somewhere. If you do some quick searches, you’ll probably wind up with a hundred leads to start from. You can try emailing these people, calling them, sending them promotional materials and just about anything you can think of to get their support. By the end of your searches, you’ll probably be able to wrangle some clients if your pitch is good enough. Of course, nothing is as good at old fashioned business talk in person, but using Google to initiate contact is a good idea.

Google is such a powerful marketing tool. With so many uses, it can generate many leads and business. If you use Google in addition to other marketing tools, your business will have a much better chance of succeeding.

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