How Web Designers Can Effectively Understand Their Clients

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November 5, 2011

Being a web designer has its perks. Whether you’re working freelance from home or for a graphic design business, there’s nothing like the flexibility and control that being a web designer offers. You can be as creative as you want to be, and with a passion for what you do. The only question is, how do you best communicate and understand what your clients want in order to ensure a job well done? We have the answers to your biggest questions so that you never misunderstand the needs of your clientele again.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Clients

As any freelancer knows, not every client is clear about their expectations. In fact, many customers may not know what they want other than the main idea of their concept. So, to effectively ensure the satisfaction of your clients every step of the way in your design process, ask questions. Inform them of your creative process, give them tips, suggestions and ideas about their website, as well as learning as much as you can about their taste and style.  Does your work fulfill their business objectives or is your creativity only on a so-so level for their needs?

Help Them to Know You with Clear Communication

Web designers are as unique as the pair of shoes they wear on their feet. Are you a speculative designer or a concept designer? This will make a huge difference for the clients that hire you and their level of satisfaction once you complete their project. Before accepting a project (as tempting as it may be) help them to understand you, how you work, what your style is and even where your passion comes from. Most of all, be very clear about your expectations. Let them know what you can handle, the estimated time for their project and keep them informed along the way of your progress. Close communication will take you far, as well as land you a killer testimonial!

Get Down to Their Level

Before accepting a project, try to meet with them in their own environment. Whether that takes the place of their home or office doesn’t matter as much as having the opportunity to get a taste for their style. Aside from what they want their website to look like, what can you grasp about them from the way their living room is designed? Since many people have a difficult time articulating what they want their website to reflect about their business (believe it or not!) sometimes, the best way to understand where their client is coming from is through their home environment. What better way to represent their classic, traditional taste on a website than by examining it first hand?

Focus on the Details

Web designers are creative beings, as well as being professionals that thrive on the small details of each and every project they pursue. By clearly communicating from the beginning that each customer’s website will be unique to them through their taste and style, you can save a headache for yourself later on. Since you customize each web design depending on every client’s specific requirements, every detail must be fine tuned to perfection. Let them know this from the jump, and they’ll instill their trust in your professionalism – and your craft throughout the process.

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