Inspiring Joomla Website Designs

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November 7, 2012

Joomla has become a very popular content Management system in the past for growing entrepreneurs. It has enabled site owners to conduct their business efficiently by letting them handle their online presence effortlessly.

Following list is of some of the most inspiring sites built on Joomla, showing the benefits you can get by Hiring Joomla Designers from India.


JDStopis a complete social networking site, made with the precise instructions of the client. It is unlike conventional CMS websites. This site made to enable all integrated features of a Social networking site. Its prominent features include:

  • Forums
  • Share Photos
  • Profile Creation
  • Chatting with Friends
  • Message Sending and Receiving
  • Wall Post and Comment Posting

Grand Old House

Grand Old House Cayman Islands Wedding and Banquetsisa wedding catering and planning organisation that has an amazing website based on Joomla. Joomla Developers have designed the website specifically to increase their profitability by incorporating exclusive features.

  • Banner admanagement
  • Photo Gallery management
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Guestbook entries form with database storing
  • Reservation request form with database storing
  • Wedding planrequest form with database storing
  • Mailing list subscription form with database storing

Cozent, LLC.

Cozent is a Managed Services Provider to companies seeking smarter Oracle Database and Applications Support solutions.Being an IT company themselves, they understood the importance of a Joomla site and had one developed which catered to all their requirements. They got their website designed for:

  • News and Events management
  • Custom flash slideshow to highlight various solutions
  • Strong “Call to Action” buttons for demo, referrals and partnership
  • Resources (downloadable white papers and webinar announcements) management with download request form
  • Website redesigned and developed to bring more traffic to the website and generate leads
  • Custom Content Management System

SkinSpirit Day Spa

SkinSpirit Day Spa is a wellness company which offers its clients the opportunity to enjoy beautiful spa treatments with leading skincare products and friendly, professional therapists.Their Joomla site specifically caters to their target client group.TheirIndian Joomla Developers created a site with:

  • Photo Gallery management
  • Mailing list subscription form
  • Monthly special offer management
  • Appointment booking request form
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Website redesigned to bring more customers to the website to generate revenue

Good Financial Advisor

The Good Financial Advisoris just what the name suggests. It is a company that offers excellent advisory plans for retirement, generating lifetime income & planning your legacy.

  • Website designed and developed to sell and book
  • MODX Evolution – Content Management System
  • Sample section pages using custom templates
  • Contact Us form

Art You Can

Art you can is a wonderful platform where budding artists can buy and sell artworkonline. This is a custom built eCommerce Site with a Joomla Backbone. This site has two distinct fronts as any sales front would have.

  • Admin features –
    • Manage product categories related to art,
    • Manage products,
    • Manage users,
    • Manage articles,
    • Manage commission on each product,
    • Manage invoice
    • Website features –
      • User can register and login to the site,
      • User can add products to the site with admin approval,
      • User can add articles related to the product,
      • User can upload video on the same,

After products are sold, the two parties can exchange feedbacks regarding the process. Sellers are given a dedicated profile page where the buyer can go and get details. The user can track the shipping and delivery details.


This article is a stub. There are so many websites out there based on Joomla that can give you a clear idea about how useful it is.

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