How to Make Sure Your Computer is Never Infected with Virus

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March 31, 2012

With the internet growing rapidly and the use of email services expanding, viruses are also spreading fast and easily. You and I know the terrible experience one can go through when your computer becomes infested with virus. Viruses can cause terrible problems that can lead to one losing his/her confidential documents to a waiting hacker, looking for every possible opportunity to hack into your account.

The main issue now is how to make sure one’s computer is never infected with virus. Having your computer infected with virus can force you to formatting it, thereby causing you to lose more important data.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some important methods I apply to ensure my computer is never infected with a virus.

Use a Firewall

Firewall is a computer program that shields your computer against the intrusion of external programs, such as spywares. The firewall program was designed to minimize the rate at which external computers gain access to computers within a network.

The firewall is built in every computer that is in production today, but there is the option to switch it off- which then leads to an increased chance of virus intrusion.

If you have not enabled you system’s firewall today, you should do so in other to prevent viruses and spywares from gaining entrance to your computer.

Have an Anti-virus Program

Having an antivirus is still the best way to fight viruses off your computer. Antivirus programs are designed to shield off viruses from coming into your computer by using an infected file/document as a means of transportation. Antivirus will quickly detect when a file you are about to copy into your computer has been infected and would prompt you to stop transferring that file into your computer.

You can also use an antivirus to scan your system for the presence of a virus.

Unfortunately, due to the high quantity of antivirus programs we have on the internet today, hackers are becoming smarter by cloaking a virus as an antivirus to lure the not-so-savvy users to download their viruses into their computers.

Scan Files before Downloading

We all download files from the internet: music, videos, games, work documents and even a webpage can be downloaded into a computer system. But the fact is that this has made the transfer of virus easier. Many internet users are not mindful of what they download and install on their computer, making it easy for them to download viruses into their computer.

If you are the type that downloads from the internet, always make sure you scan the file or document with your antivirus program before going ahead to download it into your computer.

By doing this, you are keeping your computer safe from having viruses.

Avoid Visiting Strange Sites

Visiting alien sites is another way to quickly invite viruses into your websites. Most websites on the internet use malicious methods to snatch users’ information in other to foster the promotion of their goods and services. And one of the methods they find easy is by downloading a virus that will sneak your information to them on your computer.

To stay safe from such malicious perpetuators, you have to make sure you don’t visit any website that sounds strange to you.

Or better still, use Google to lookup the site and read what other users are saying about it on forums and social media sites. With this, you can inform your decision about which sites you choose to visit.

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