Manage your Twitter followers with Tweepler

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January 23, 2009

Do you find problems keeping track of people who follow you on Twitter? Or you are confused about following back people who are following you? Tweepler a recently launched Twitter application  helps you decide whether to follow a person or not.

You first need to sign in to use this service providing your Twitter username and password. Then Tweepler will import all of your followers and the ones you are following currently. Then it separates your followers as “unprocessed followers” and lets you see the ones you are following back and the ones you are ignoring. It also provides you information on the users who are following you but you aren’t following back making it easier to make your decision.

The interface is beautiful and you can get an overview of your followers and the ones you are following along with their avatars. It also provides interesting analytical data like the average amounts of tweets, total number of tweets so far and the number of followers for the user. You can also see the number of people the user is following and his 3 recent tweets. You can then click on the users avatar to move him to your “Follow” bucket or the “Ignore” bucket. You can also sort list of users by their Twitter usernames or their names alphabetically or simply as newest followers.

So with Tweepler, you will never have problems managing your followers and make quick decisions on whether to follow them back or not.

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