New features added to Delicious

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August 8, 2009

Bookmarking sites make it easy to share things on the internet with your friends, rather than emailing them. The popular social bookmarking site, delicious has added some really new features to make it easier for everyone to bookmark and share. Some new and improved search tools have been added in order to enhance the freshness of the content.

Generally, if you are an avid Delicious user, you might have a couple hundred bookmarks and sometimes you find it very had to manage. This new search tool is a very dedicated one. As you type your keywords, you can quickly have the suggestions like in Yahoo search. It has an advanced timeline control as well as tag filtering option making it easier for you to search within a given time range and within a specific keyword criteria.

Delicious has also added Fresh Bookmarks features on Delicious. This lets you see what others are book marking and searching. The Fresh Bookmarks tab on Delicious homepage shows the most recently saved delicious bookmarks that are also being shared on Twitter. So, Delicious combines the best of the popular bookmarks and the trending Delicious topics on Twitter.

Well try out these new features offered by Delicious. You’ll surely like them.

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