Online Storage – The Best Data Storage Technology Today

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May 10, 2012

Everyday starts with innovations and developments in technological devices to provide us more facility and reliance in using them within affordable price range. That is the very reason behind the development of small sized laptops, PDAs, flash drives and giant hard drives which are maximizing their storage capacity day by day. But today another trend is on a rise which is expected to replace all storage devices and systems soon. Yes we are talking about online storage which is the most affordable and reliable storage option today. This storage option is far cheaper than others. Even the leading online storage companies are offering 100GB storage for monthly charges of $4.95 only which is really encouraging for people interested in storing and transferring videos, audios, files and documents online.

Good news is that this price tag is not fixed yet, it’s decreasing day by day and the reason behind is the news of coming player in this field i-e gdrive. The ‘G’ attached with it gives you a hint that this storage is linked with google that is planning to provide unlimited online storage facility to its users. In this way you will be able to store your files and other types of data online instead of saving emails only as you can do with gmail today.

But before the arrival of this giant storage facility from the big ‘G’ you can consider online storage for storing all types of data. This type of storage can give you a lot of benefits missing in other types of storage devices and systems. The first benefit of this facility is access to your stored data from any computer having internet connection. Even you can access it via your smartphones and PDA etc. Secondly you can share or transfer files instantly to anyone present online. Third benefit is foolproof security with no threat of online theft. Last but not least, you don’t have to save your data on external devices or on your computer as well which can save a lot of memory of your system.


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