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Disqus now enables tagging in comments 24

Disqus now enables tagging in comments

Avid commentators are pretty much familiar with Disqus. Disqus now adds a feature that lets people use “@” mentions in the comments like in Twitter and Facebook. You can tag any user with their Twitter or Disqus username using the “@” symbol followed by the username or any person who has commented on the same post.

Help improve the new WordPress 3.2 Beta and the Twenty Eleven theme 0

Help improve the new WordPress 3.2 Beta and the Twenty Eleven theme

Wordpress has lots of developers contributing to its development. Wordpress regularly releases updates and each version is a big enhancement from the earlier version . Well you can also contribute to Wordpress 3.2 development even if you aren’t a developer. You can help improve Wordpress by reviewing Wordpress 3.2 Beta and the new Twenty Eleven Theme.

Bing Streetside from Microsoft 0

Bing Streetside from Microsoft

Google Streetview is getting widely popular and until now is the best means to get a panoramic view of streets around the world. The fact that Google Streetview captures images which many a times have risen questions of privacy violation by people in Europe and America. Recently, Microsoft has appeared in the scene with Bing Streetside. The service is currently available only in Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver in Canada.


Cinemagraphs – Cool animated GIFs

We all have seen animated logos, cartoons and other stuff as animated GIFs on the web. But two talented people, photographer Jamie Beck and Motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have taken an approach to take the animated GIFs to a whole new level. They together have produced stunning GIF images that they call cinemagraphs.


See Google Maps being edited in realtime

Google Maps is updated frequently aided with contributions from people all over the world. Do you wish to see how people are editing Google Maps around the world? Google Maps Maker lets you see how Google Maps is being edited in realtime.


Google’s Messages for Japan

Google has introduced a website “Messages for Japan” where you can write a message to the victims of Japan’s Earthquake to be seen by anyone on the web. Write your message in your own language and it automatically gets translated into Japanese via Google Translator.

Google’s +1 button 0

Google’s +1 button

Google has introduced +1 button as a social recommendation system for Google users. One can hit the +1 button on Google search results page to recommend it to their friends. The +1 likes can be made public or can be set private.