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Delete weird Youtube comments

If a video gets fairly popular in Youtube, it is sure to receive a number of comments from the viewers. But while reading comments, you might have noticed some really silly comments. Sometimes you may regret after making a comment which you later think you shouldn’t have made and wish to delete it. Youtube now lets you delete the comments you make in just a snap.

Watch Youtube Videos right inside Gmail 0

Watch Youtube Videos right inside Gmail

While you chat with your friends on Gmail, you sometimes share links with them if you discover anything interesting on the web. Or maybe you’d like to share a newly released music video of your favorite artist on Youtube. Your friend will have to open the link, wait for the video to buffer and continuously switch between the video and the chat window. So, you tend to get annoyed at your friend’s delay in sending the message who would be busy watching the video.

Google Profiles added some features 2

Google Profiles added some features

Google Profiles has added a new feature called contact info where you can add details for your friends to see it. Actually the information that you add is not totally public and you can control the people who see it.


Translate your Tweets with Twitrans

If you belong English speaking community and you aren’t familiar with other languages, you’d probably post your tweets in English . But if you want to post them in other languages that you don’t understand, use Twitrans for translating your tweets.