PQLabs iTable or Microsoft’s Surface

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January 12, 2009

Microsoft’s Surface Computing Technology might have blow your heads off with its highly sensitive surface, realistic transition effects in graphics and gorgeous display. Well PQLabs has come up with its surface computing device which it calls it the iTable. And it is just as smart and stunning as Microsoft’s surface.

pq labs itable and microsoft surface iTable features a full multi-touch enabled surface. The number of contacts with the surface is limited to the software designer’s desire because the device can handle many simultaneous contacts with it.

The iTable multi-touch G² is an adapter that can be appended to your 32” display. The software bundled with it allows you to use it with Microsoft Windows XP or Mac OS X. The programmer’s can map the inputs calling the required APIs without having to rewrite the programs already written.

The iTable comes for a variety of prices depending upon your necessities. The cheapest one is the Multi-Touch G², that comes for $2,399. A full-fledged iTable come for around $10,000. The official site though hasn’t highlighted much on the features.

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