Remove unwanted applications from your Facebook profile

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May 24, 2009

Facebook is the most sensational social network in today’s scenario. From sharing photos and videos to using Facebook applications, Facebook seems to be a lot more entertaining than other social networks. There are lots of cool Facebook Applications developed by the third party developers that are fun to use. But some applications are totally useless and you feel like ditching them once you use. You can remove Facebook applications that are not of much or any use.

Well adding an application is as easy as clicking a mouse button. But removing it can be a bit time consuming for the latest version. To begin the process, login to your Facebook account and click on the “Applications” tab at the bottom. Click on “Edit Applications”. You can also click on Settings>Application Settings to access this page. Now from the dropdown at the right side, select Authorised and you’ll see a list of all applications you’ve been using.

To remove the application, click on the blue cross mark and click Remove. If you want to keep an application but don’t want to get email alerts or wall publishing from it, you can configure it from the “Edit Settings”.

So if an application is not much useful in Facebook, just remove it and free your Facebook some load.

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  • Madilyn the FrontierVille Girl

    Incredible, that’s exactly what I was searching for! You just spared me alot of digging around