Save and share moments of your child’s life with MomentGarden

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December 3, 2010

Moment GardenChildren are the best asset of parents. Parents cherish and try never to forget even the little things of their offspring’s childhood. When even the subtlest things from the childhood of your children like their childish questions, their toys etc. are remembered, they twist up your lips into a smile. But it is rather difficult to store all such moments properly. MomentGarden is a service that was created with a purpose of helping parents collect and share and save the precious moments of their children with the people that matter most.

Moment Garden grants each of your child a custom email address and allows friends and family members to easily contribute to the child’s Moment Garden by simply emailing stories, photos or status updates. Thus a child’s moment garden keeps growing with the contributions from the nearest people.
Moment Garden Add photos
When you sign up for MomentGarden by entering the details of your children, a unique email address will be given for every child. Then you can choose members that can contribute to your child’s moment garden. The content the any moment garden can be added simply by emailing photos and text to the email address for the child or by using the form after logging in. You can invite the family members and whenever a member makes a contribution, notifications are sent to the others.

If you want to keep the memories of the childhood days of your kids, give Moment Garden a try.

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