See how much time you spend on Twitter

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December 16, 2008

Twitter is a platform for many people to stay connected with their friends and families and share their latest updates. If you happen to discover any interesting website, you open up twitter and tweet about it instantly. If your brother is going to wed, you spread the news by posting a tweet. Or you just use Twitter just to get updated to news and your peer’s activities. But have you ever wondered how much time you spend on Twitter?
how much time you spend on twitterIf you want to calculate that, go hit and see it for yourself. This cool Twitter based site asks you to enter your Twitter username and then you will be shown the results. Actually Tweetwasters doesn’t exactly help determining the time you spend on Twitter. It just multiplies the total number of Tweets made by you with 30 seconds. Moreover, it only helps calculate the time you spent tweeting, not the time you got engaged in reading others’ tweets.
You can also see your Tweetwasters rank. You can find a Tweetwasters Hall of Fame link on the website which will show you the people who spent maximum time on Twitter.
A Tweetwaster plugin for WordPress blogs is also available which will show off your Twitter usage time and will link to your profile and also add a “Follow me” link to your Twitter account. The plugin appears as a widget on your sidebar and the data showing the time you spent on Twitter is updated every 24 hours.
So decide for yourself; become a more dedicated Twitter or cut off some of your time you spend Tweeting.

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  • Quinton Pigman

    Thumbs up for this write up. You are my absolute inspiration.