The New Gmail is here

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November 2, 2011

Google has announced the new look for Gmail’s interface. Back in July, Google had allowed users to have a preview of their new interface. Users can now see an option to switch the new look at the bottom right of Gmail.

Users can now enjoy a horde of features in Gmail. The conversation view is designed sleekly for easier viewing of the email threads. You can now also see the profile pictures for your contacts making it easier for you to learn more at a glance.

Acknowledging the screen dimensions of various users, Gmail will now automatically change the spacing between the elements on the screen based on the kind of display you are using. Or if you prefer a certain type of view all the time, you can choose one from Comfortable, Cozy or Compact views.

Gmail’s new interface is truly a revolutionary one and it surely will facilitate conversations with your friends and colleagues.

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  • I really liked the new version… 

    btw, the heigh of each row might be seen high for you, if this happens just change from the options.