Tips to Tweet Yourself to Success

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December 20, 2011

There’s nothing more elating than having people acknowledge your presence and respect your thoughts by following you on Twitter. As a popular social media tool, Twitter allows people to speak their voice, be heard, and get positive reactions from anyone around the world. However, gaining followers apart from friends and family could get a little bit tricky. Here’s what you need to know to become a twitter celebrity.

  1. Be uniquely interesting. Having a well-written bio that shows off your distinct personality and interests is a great way to start.With the use of a fun yet respectable avatar, you can add credibility to your account.  It’s important for people to click on it and find out that you are a real person, not just a spammer. Offensive pictures for avatars are surely a no-no.
  2. Tweet often, but relevantly.  No one needs a blow-by-blow account of how you waited 30 minutes for your coffee. This means that your tweets must still have some value to which your followers can relate to.
  3. Knowing the trending topics is vital to remain updated on what’s keeping your followers tweeting. You can post pictures, videos, and comments about popular topics that you think may be interesting for your followers. You don’t have to talk about every issue since quality is still better than quantity.
  4. People will follow you when your tweets give correct advice on a topic that you are well versed about. When people find your inputs meaningful and timely, they are more likely to follow your every word.
  5. Soliciting or selling anything to your followers could be detrimental to your status.  It is downright annoying to spam someone with messages of products you want them to buy.  However, you could still tweet about good products you’ve tried that may be of interest to your followers.  But tweetingtoremind them about being their referral personfor an incentive is absolutely discouraging for anyone.
  6. You have to encourage other people to retweet your tweets to their own followers.  This pushes your username into their twitter posts and thus encourages click backs to your own profile.  You viewership is then increased by a mile.
  7. As in every kind of relationship, the golden rule should be always applied. By following the people who follow you, you can return the good favor they have shown you.  In doing so, they might share something of valueto you and vice-versa through constant interaction. People who regularly see the recent tweets of others tend to make a constant evaluation of people they follow.
  8. Searching for people who have the same interests as you can multiply your number of followers. It definitely helps if these people have many followers, thus, instant connectivity to a wider network. If you have a special field of interest such as rock music or martial arts, then follow those people who are interested in that fieldas well.  Tweets relating to a common hobby may be more appealing to these people, thereby increasing your chances of having more followers.
  9. Create ‘Follow me on Twitter’ links wherever you can whetherin your blog, avatar, message boards handle, or social networking profiles. You may even post stickers or ads where people with the same interest usually commune.
  10. If you are desperate to increase your followers, you can select and purchase third-party software that will target your intended followers. It even manages multiple Twitter accounts, automatic following,unfollowing, and tweeting. This further helps when you want to use Twitter to promote new products or services in no time. It is just crucial to remember that this move might be seen by your followers as superficial;hence, the essence of tweeting might be lost.

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