Too Much Ads Will Kill You: Tips for Proper Product Promotion

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August 18, 2012

One of the biggest challenges that you will be facing as a blogger is how to draw as many viewers as you can into your site. The more viewers you have, the bigger is the possibility that you can get customers. Encouraging individuals to take a peek at your page and read some of the contents that you have displayed is the biggest move that you have to make. However, this may not be as easy as you think it is.

In order to make your blog look appealing, you don’t necessarily have to focus just on the article or any kind of reading that you want to display. Your page should also contain advertisements of the products that you are selling. These ads may be in the form of a picture, game or video. Take any other style that would add color to your site. Words alone will only earn you boredom.

A Few Tips to Follow

Create a balance when placing ads. Balance means putting on areas that will not look awkward. Never put pictures or videos that appear bigger than your major content. A small to average size will be enough. Too small pictures will not be interesting to possible clients.

Make sure your ads don’t contain words or phrases that are too good to be true. It must be practical; otherwise, viewers will doubt about your trustworthiness.  They might consider your ad as a scam.

Your ad must be short and concise. This will immediately give viewers an idea about the product that you are trying to sell. Keep in mind that not all potential customers have enough time to analyze long and confusing contents. Those that are straightforward will help them save their time and make them know about your product right away.

When writing a blog or article to promote your product, you should focus on the key points such as the name of your product and what makes it more special compared to others.

Disadvantages of Putting Too Much Ads

If your blog is overcrowded by various advertisements, viewers will lose their interest in staying long at your website. They will think of your page as a scam. You will lose your credibility and professionalism. You will ultimately lose the chance to drive them to the main point of your web page. Somehow, they will get seriously distracted that they will opt to search for another.

Having too much ads is costly. You will need to do a lot of maintaining tasks. You have to make sure that everything works well; otherwise, your website will crash. Plenty of product advertisements will require a bigger bandwidth. If you host doesn’t have enough capability to carry out your site, it is expected to collapse.

Since your website is too heavy, many viewers might not be able to open it in their computer. Remember that not every person has a good internet connection. Many only have an average speed of Internet, while a few enjoy the fastest connection.

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