Tron:Legacy graphic novel by Disney built in HTML5

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June 4, 2011

Many cool apps and online tools hit the internet everyday and HTML5 surely has revolutionized the use of beautiful interactive components on websites. Disney and Vectorform have built the Disney Tron:Legacy Digital graphic book. Tron:Legacy Graphic Novel is built on Internet Explorer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5.

Tron:Legacy Graphic NovelTron:Legacy is a rich graphic novel made using HTML5 canvas and audio tags. Tron:Legacy application is relaunching as marked by this graphic novel. Tron:Legacy utilizes Internet Exploorer 9’s hardware acceleration coupled with the power of a modern PC and therefore is very interactive and responsive.

The developer team from Vectorform had first decided on using CSS3 and tested the level of interaction using CSS3 in the Tron:Legacy graphic novel project. But even after using Javascript, Jquery Animation, DOM etc, they couldn’t get 60 frames per second performance in transition. So, they had to use HTML5’s canvas element. They could get a 60 Frames per second performance with smooth transition using a relatively low spec computer. They used PNG 8 format for images by filtering an image into two separate layers and then compressing both as an 8bit RGBA in order to reduce file size without disturbing the quality.

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