Twitter fail whale necklace, cake and more

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September 29, 2010

Every Twitter user must have come across the Twitter fail whale when Twitter datacenter is over capacity. This whale landing on your Twitter page background means that you’ll be deprived of using Twitter for a couple of seconds or even minutes. The image also known as “Lifting up a Dreamer” actually comprises of a giant white whale, ten small birds and a blue sea with orange waves.  The twitter whale was ubiquitous during the World Cup 2010 when the football fans where busy tweeting regarding the great football festival. The fail whale is immensely popular among Twitter fans and it has been sculpted into various forms. Lets see some of the Twitter fail whale objects.

Twitter Fail Whale cake

The Twitter fail whale cake was designed by Mariana Pugliese, a cake designer from Buenos Aires. The cake has all the elements of the original fail whale on Twitter.  Source Mariana Pugliese’s Flickr Photostream

twitter fail whale cake

Another Twitter fail whale cake

It is designed by Chris “RockNRollGeek” Darbro. His cake also contains a giant whale with six birds in a sea. The borders around the whale are beautifully done. Source: “RockNRollGeek” Darbro’s Flickr Photostream

Twitter fail whale cake 2

Fail Whale Necklace

Now how about putting on a fail whale necklace and walking around? People might love your fail whale necklace like they love the fail whale. Lori Magno created a Fail whale necklace which looks like the Twitter fail whale and has a big beveled “fail” across its body. This Deluxe Fail Whale(or Frail Whale as the designer calls it) hangs from an 18″ sterling silver chain with an applied patina and closed with a sterling lobster clasp. Source:

fail whale necklace by Etsy

Fail Whale necklace and earrings

iJustine has a mentioned of having bought Twitter necklace and earrings. They look pretty attractive and colorful. She displays a collection of blue and pink colored earrings and a brown colored necklace all comprising a fail whale. Source: iJustine’s blog.

fail whale jwellery by ijustine

Twitter fail whale 3D structure

Its a beautiful kinetic sculpture of the Twitter Fail whale from Makezine. The whale and birds are held in place by metallic strings. Source: Makezine.

fail whale 3d

Aren’t these designs great? So, why not try something creative on your own for a Twitter whale?

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