Twitter text overflow upon tweeting long text with hashtag

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June 26, 2011

The new twitter layout is way more interactive than the older layout. The new twitter was initially released only for a few select users and was later on made available for everyone. You can watch youtube videos, see pictures from flickr, yfrog etc. without having to leave the website. What I am going to point out is a minor thing but yes if this becomes frequent, it will for sure get more noticeable. Have you tried tweeting using a hashtag before a very long string of text? Well try it out and see what happens.

If you tweet a hashtag with a very long text, you will see that the text with the hastag will overflow to the right sidebar. For example, tweet #testingtestingtesting…. until the last character limit, you will see that your tweet will overflow to the right sidebar. However, if you tweet with a very long text without the hashtag, the text won’t overflow.

twitter text tIts just a minor twitter design flaw. No one will tweet with any gibberish with a very long text as such but I just happened to see such a tweet in my timeline and therefore wanted to point it out. I hope Twitter will fix this text overflow issue upon the use of hashtag very soon.

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