Update status messages on Social Networks with HelloTxt

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April 13, 2009

Many of us love making our identity over various social networks. These days microblogging platforms like Twitter, Friendfeed etc. are getting very popular. Sending Tweets have been a part of daily life for many tech-savvies. Or those obsessed with the social networks keep updating their status on Facebook or Bebo. But if you use a handful of these sites, you update your status message on each of them. But what if you get to update all those statuses from a single place? Well HelloTxt can help you do that.

The service is cool and you won’t need to sign up to use the service. But it is wise to sign up as you won’t need to sign in for all of your networks after you sign in once to HelloTxt. HelloTxt can help you post status updates for more than 45 social networks. It can also let you read the status updates from your friends in your networks. You can have updates from many of the popular social networks like, Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, Hi5 etc. and microblogging sites like Twitter, Identica, Laconica, Plurk etc. With HelloTxt, you can also upload your videos on Youtube or post photos on Flickr. Or share your short video footages on 12seconds.tv, seesmic etc. The HelloTxt team keeps on adding support for new services and support for WordPress, Blogger, LiveJourna, Ning etc. were recently added.

You can update the status in various ways. You can send updates to various social networks via web, mobile version of the site, sms, Phonecall etc. It also lets you configure to post updates based on the feeds subscribed in Twitterfeed. Anyway HelloTxt is cool and you’ll like it for sure.

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