Yet another Easter egg on Google search

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November 4, 2011

All of you must be familiar with Google’s “do a barrel roll” easter egg by now. Search for “do a barrel roll” on Google(without the quotes) and you will see your results do a full 360 degree turn. Would you love to see some more easter eggs on Google? Well then try searching for “tilt” or “askew”.

Just go ahead and type “tilt” on Google and press Enter. Your search results will appear nonetheless but the whole page will be tilted by some angle. You can see the same results when you do a search for “askew”. The charm of HTML5 and CSS3 as such are astounding. This won’t work on older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 that don’t support HTML5.

Even though the results appear tilted, they are in textual form and you can do the regular things like select the text, copy them or follow any link.

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