You can now edit comments on Facebook

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March 22, 2011

Facebook introduced real time comments for Groups a few months ago. Then the feature was rolled out for the regular updates on the wall as well. Facebook recently introduced another feature, letting users comment by just hitting Enter, i.e. without having to press the “comment” button(this feature was also first rolled out for the New Facebook Groups). The good news is that you can now edit your comments even after posting it.

This feature can be very useful at times when you realise that you forgot to mention something in your comment. In such case, simply click on the delete button for your comment and you will be able to modify your Facebook comment and repost it on the fly. But this doesn’t work if a couple of minutes have already passed after you commented. You can edit it for the first few minutes after commenting.

Anyway, the comment editing feature on Facebook can be a real boon for the users.

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